With a strong track record of supporting many of the world’s leading institutions in complex markets, we take care of your market entry needs ensuring you get results and also have peace of mind. Our market entry services include:
  • • Local representation via BaseCamp™
  • • Identifying institutional, public or private sector partners
  • • Compliance, finance and tax management
  • • Company formation and management
  • • Student recruitment strategy, campaigns and screening
  • • Agent search, selection and management
Depending on your objectives, budget and priorities, we can provide a range of easy to implement, compliant and cost effective in-country operating models. We will tailor the right entity structure for your organization to suit both your current needs and as your institution grows. Our dedicated tax and compliance team will proactively manage your risk in key international markets.
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We use our experience, expertise and local insights to identify, design and implement successful strategies for new markets. We will deliver clear, accurate and actionable assessments to help you make informed strategic decisions. Our market research reports provide comprehensive analysis, including:
  • • Course assessment for student recruitment
  • • Institutional peer benchmarking
  • • Partnerships development (institutional, corporate and public sector)
  • • Funding opportunities (public and private sector)
  • • Student recruitment demand analysis and viable recruitment targets
  • • Local course/content demand assessment
Venture validation – we will analyze your value proposition and validate it, underlining your strengths and weaknesses relative to the target market and we’ll highlight opportunities for you to consider. Developing the right, local operating model –we provide a range of innovative, risk free and easy to adopt for establishing a local presence in your chosen market.
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We Deliver Critical Business Critical Business Services to Enable you to Operate your Business Services to Enable you to Operate Efficiently, Compliantly and to Prepare for Scale

By delivering a comprehensive suite of local back-office support services, we enable your business to spend more time focusing on what it is in the market to do. We provide payroll, finance and accounting, tax advisory, staff recruitment, HR advisory and local serviced offices ensuring you can focus on building your local business with confidence.

We support you from the initial stages of exploring a market, to managing your market entry, compliance, administration and in-country expansion, acting as a reliable, trusted local partner. Our end-to end support continues throughout your journey, giving you confidence that there is always someone in-country looking after your best interests. Our clients use us as their local trusted partner to deliver their on-going business support service needs ensuring their expansion is built on solid foundations and has the ability to achieve its full potential. Learn more →